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The management of the hotel will be very grateful for your cooperation in the scope of observing this set of rules that is to ensure peace and safety of stay for all our Guests.

§ 1

  1. Rooms in the hotel are rented by the day.
  2. Check-in time starts at 3 P.M. and check-out time is 12 P.M. on the following day. Breakfasts are issued from Monday to Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M.; on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 7:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M.
  3. If the guest does not specify the length of stay when renting the room it is assumed that the room was rented for one day.
  4. If you wish to extend your stay beyond the period specified on your arrival you should notify about this at the reception desk by 9 A.M. of the day of previously planned check-out.
  5. The hotel will consider the request for extension of stay according to current possibilities.
  6. In case of longer stays we ask for settling any payments on the day preceding the check-out date and earlier declaration of payment form.

§ 2

  1. The hotel provides services according to its category and standard. If you have any concerns about the quality of our services please report this to at the reception desk as soon as possible as this will enable us to react immediately.
  2. The hotel is obliged to provide: 
    * conditions for full and unhampered rest of the guest
    * safety of the stay, including keeping information about the guest confidential
    * professional and kind service
    * to perform room cleaning and any required repairs while the guest is away and if the guest is in then only if consent is given
    * to do everything in our power to mitigate any inconveniences if the defects of the room are impossible to amend.
  3. At the guest's request the hotel can provide the following services free of charge: 
    * providing information connected to stay and travel 
    * wake-up calls at a specified time 
    * storing the luggage of guests registered at the hotel

§ 3

  1. The guest should notify the reception desk staff about a damage immediately after it is found.
  2. The guest is financially liable for any damages or destruction of hotel equipment or technical devices caused by the guest's fault or by the fault of persons visiting the guest.
  3. Each time when leaving the room the guest should check if it is closed and leave the key at the reception desk, the cost of loosing the key – PLN 50.

§ 4

  1. The guest may not hand the room over to third parties even if the period for which the room was booked has not yet expired.
  2. Persons that are not registered in the hotel may spend time in the hotel room only from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M.
  3. The hotel does not have a parking. There are hotel's parking spaces in front of the building for unpacking and packing purposes.
  4. The guest is financially responsible for damages caused by animals brought into the hotel.

§ 5

  1. The hotel operates a no smoking policy throughout the whole building. In addition due to fire safety reasons it is not allowed to use coil heaters or any similar devices that are not part of the hotel's equipment.
  2. The hotel operates a curfew from 10 P.M. to 7 A.M.
  3. If you need to use a first aid kit, a flat-iron or any other item not found in the room please contact our reception desk.
  4. It is not allowed to keep hazardous items or weapons and ammunition in the hotel room.

§ 6

  1. The hotel is entitled to check a guest out immediately in case of a gross violation of the hotel rules without the possibility of reclaiming the hotel stay costs.
  2. The hotel can refuse to admit a guest who during a previous stay did not observe the hotel rules and caused damages to the property of the hotel, other guests or the hotel staff.

§ 7

  1. Personal items left by the guest in the hotel room after check-out will be sent to the address given by the guest. If no such disposition is given the hotel shall store such items for 3 months. After such period the items shall be forfeit to the hotel.


Telephone numbers:

  • ”160” - reception desk
  • connection to other rooms “100 + room number” for example to room number 1 (“101”); to room number 2 (“102”); to room number 10 (“110”) etc.
  • an external call: dial “0” before the number, gross price of PLN 0.50 per unit.

The Internet:

  • WI-FI is available in the whole building

We wish you a great stay.
Hotel Management          

Hotel Retman

ul. Rabiańska 15
87-100 Toruń

tel. 56 657 44 60
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