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    A place with atmosphere

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    Discover the pleasures of eating

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Salad  ''orbit '' with ham 14,00 zł  (250 g)
Salad with grilled chicken 16,00 zł  (250 g)
Cold starters
Roulade of smoked salmon with aromatic herbstuffing 26,00 zł  (170 g)
Herring traditional 14,00 zł  (210 g)
Steak tartare with additions 29,00 zł  (150 g)
Hot starters
Poultry liver in the apple-cherry sauce 18,00 zł  (150 g/100 g)
Pork  loin ''in a pot'' 21,00 zł  (300 g)
Vegetarian dishes
Dumplimgs with spinach 20,00 zł  (280 g)
Baked Camembert with cranberry 22,00 zł  (180 g)
Vegetarian  salad 14,00 zł  (250 g)
Broth with pasta 9,00 zł  (200 ml/100 g)
Sour barley soup with an egg and a sausage 14,00 zł  (250 ml/1/2 szt)
Potato cream soup with croutons garlic and bacon 10,00 zł  (300 ml)
Main courses
Beef dishes
Beef rolls on buckwheat groats and fried beetroots 38,00 zł 
Sirloin on stewed onions, potatoes, cooked vegetables 56,00 zł 
Pork  dishes
,,Po myśliwsku'' Pork loin, puree, salads 30,00 zł 
Pork chop, fries, cabbage fried 26,00 zł 
Stuffed pork boiled potatoes, cabbage 38,00 zł
(700 g)
Poultry dishes
Chicken fillet in cream-leek, baked potatoes, salad 28,00 zł 
,,Polish" duck with apple and cranberry, boiled potatoes, red cabbage 44,00 zł 
(½ /150g/150g)
Fish  dishes
Fried salmon, chips, boiled vegetables 46,00 zł 
Zander in cucumber sauce, mashed potatoes, salad 48,00 zł 
Apple in paste with raspberry sauce 12,00 zł
(250 g)
Hot apple pie or cheesecake  warm witk vanilla ice -cream and raspberry sauce 15,00 zł
Cocktail ice-cream 14,00 zł


Hotel, Restauracja, Pub
ul. Rabiańska 15
87-100 Toruń

tel. 56 657 44 60
fax 56 657 44 61